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We are leading the industry in ‘Low Cost’ Fitting & Privacy Rooms.



Now offering an expanded collection of low-cost modular fitting rooms and privacy rooms. Our "No Tools Required" rooms come in several pre-configured sizes. Choose from our standard finish options and set sizes for quick availability. We also offer an assortment of accessories such as benches, mirrors, coat hooks and "indicator" latches.  With our patented, easy to assemble CornerForms™ two-part fastening system, you can set your rooms up in minutes. 

Modular Walls for Fitting Room

Our Modular Wall System was designed based on (5) key principles:

  1. Minimal parts
  2. Modularity
  3. Durability
  4. Simplicity and
  5. Self-leveling


      Achieving this goal means no skilled labor is necessary, and only requires a minimum of two people for a fast and easy install. Another key benefit is the low shipping costs due to its packaging size made perfect for LTL deliveries. Also, due to its design as a modular structure, no permits are required. For durability, our wall panels are manufactured using 3/4" thick wall panels for longevity and for withstanding the harsh retail environment.

      The following items below are of our most requested items for the fitting and privacy room applications. Should you require a unique room layout or have a pre-designed specification, please contact us so we can further assist you. We have a fully staffed design and engineering team that can work as an extension to your Architect or Design Team.

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      Fitting Room Mirror
      • $64.45

      Fitting Room Accessory