Slimline Gondolas


Unlike standard Gondolas, this unique design allows for chords to pass thru each post making it flexible for displaying and merchandising “LIVE” products. Each metal upright is designed to allow for chord access thru out the system. This eliminates common, unsightly wires typically found in traditional gondolas. There are no complicated parts or hours of assembly time. Simple Design and Value engineered to assemble in minutes. The strength and solid build coupled with incorporating various panel options now means you can merchandise and display even more!

• Free-standing, solid metal frame

• Quick and easy installation and change outs

• Can be setup indvidually or in a series

• Flexibilty to move away from wall and reconfigure

• Quick and easy installation with minimal labor

Slimline Gondola Display System

Slimeline Gondola

Slimline Wall Gondola Starter
  • From $991.43
Slimline Wall Gondola Adder
  • From $869.15
Slimline Floor Gondola 36" (Endcap)
  • $897.52
Slimline Floor Gondola 48"
  • From $988.45
Slimline T-Unit Floor Starter
  • From $1,103.62
Slimline T-Unit Floor Adder
  • From $825.34
Single Bay Slimline Gondola
  • From $2,362.00
Double Bay Slimline Gondola
  • From $3,776.88
Triple Bay Slimline Gondola
  • From $5,026.05
Quad Bay Slimline Gondola
  • From $6,938.82

Slimline Accessories

Slimline Shelf 36"
  • $81.85
Slimline Shelf 48"
  • $81.85

Slatwall/Slatgrid Accessories

Slatwall/Slatgrid Peg Hook (6") 10 Count.
  • $15.64
Slatwall/Slatgrid Peg Hook (8") 10 Count.
  • $17.64